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Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

What is a Conversion?

A Conversion can be anything like any click event or a page view in technical terms but what does it mean to you and your business?

Different Potential Conversions

  1. Sale / Purchase especially for E-commerce business

  2. Leads especially for B2B & B2C Business

Honestly, these two are the core conversions that everyone wants. But to get there you need to optimize for more conversion goals like,

  1. Branding & Awareness

  2. New Product Launch

  3. Email Collection

  4. Different Types of Promotions & Offers

  5. PDF Downloads

  6. Videos Watched

  7. Any Button Clicked

  8. Any Page Viewed etc

How Important Is It To Track Google Ads Conversions?

If you are not tracking conversions or conversion value for that matter, you will not be able to scale and end up wasting more money on irrelevant clicks that your campaigns might be attracting already.

Automated Campaigns learn from Machine Learning Technology and get you the best possible results and value for money. They also help you scale your business operations to a great extent.

But automated campaigns with automated bidding strategies applied only works well when it receives relevant data.

How To Track Google Ads Conversion?

You can track anything you like and optimize as per that goal and start getting relevant results. It just takes some technical knowledge to understand and integrate all the variables correctly to be able to track any specific action or goal.

In Google Ads, there are conversion actions that define what type of conversions you are tracking. You can create new conversion action and inject a code to your website to start tracking that conversion.

Benefits of Tracking Right Conversions

If you have organized everything correctly and you can track all the conversions as per your defined goals, then I think you are ready to launch your campaigns. You enjoy these benefits overall -

  1. No More Wasting Of Ad Spends

  2. Getting Relevant Traffic

  3. Get Better Ad Rankings

  4. Get Lower CPCs

  5. Get More Sales and Leads

Need Help With Conversion Tracking? We are here to help!

Let us know what conversion tracking problem are you facing and what exactly you want to track and we will surely look forward and analyze to help you solve your tracking problems.

Book your Google Ads PPC Consultation Today and Start Getting the Results You Need.

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