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Target Country


2022 - 2023

Industry: E-Commerce / D2C / Lead Generation

Platform: Google Ads, Meta Ads (Ad Management)

- Qualified Lead Generation
- Generated 150+ Leads/Month
- Low Cost Per Acquisition
- Increased Brand Awareness
- Up To 4X ROAS Generated

In this project, I helped the company target and acquire users from Local Business locations for Home & Commercial Furniture, Modular kitchens & Wardrobes, etc. Managed different campaign types such as Shopping, Search, Call-Only, Display, and YouTube Campaigns in Google Ads & Video Ads On Facebook & Instagram Social Media Platforms.

Client: Online Furniture Brand & Interior Designers based in Lucknow


RG Marketing Services collaborated with a unique online venture in Lucknow, which offered both high-quality furniture and professional interior design services. The challenge was to create a PPC campaign that not only increased product sales but also attracted potential clients seeking interior design expertise. The objective was to enhance online visibility, drive targeted traffic, and boost conversions for both aspects of the business.


The challenge was two-fold: firstly, to promote the online furniture store and encourage sales, and secondly, to attract clients looking for professional interior design services in Lucknow. The goal was to create a cohesive PPC strategy that catered to both segments effectively.


Comprehensive Market Analysis:

RG Marketing Services conducted detailed market research to understand the preferences of online furniture buyers and individuals seeking interior design services in the Lucknow area. This insight was crucial in tailoring the PPC strategy.

Targeted Keyword Selection:

Extensive keyword research was performed to identify specific keywords related to furniture shopping and interior design services. Long-tail keywords were chosen to target local customers actively looking for these services, ensuring the ads reached the right audience.

Creative Ad Copies:

RG Marketing Services developed compelling ad copies that highlighted the brand's diverse offerings. For furniture, the focus was on quality, variety, and affordability, while for interior design services, the emphasis was on expertise, creativity, and personalized solutions.

Geo-Targeted Campaigns:

Geo-targeting was utilized to ensure that the PPC ads were displayed specifically to users in Lucknow and nearby areas. This localized approach maximized the relevance of the ads and increased the likelihood of conversions.

Landing Page Optimization:

Dedicated landing pages were created for both the furniture store and interior design services. These pages were optimized for user experience, emphasizing the unique value propositions and encouraging visitors to take desired actions, whether it be making a purchase or scheduling a consultation.

Continuous Monitoring and Optimization:

RG Marketing Services continuously monitored the performance of the PPC campaigns. Through A/B testing, they optimized ad copies, keywords, and landing pages to maximize the click-through rates and conversions. Data-driven insights were utilized to make real-time adjustments.


Increased Website Traffic:

The targeted PPC campaigns led to a significant increase in website traffic for both the online furniture store and the interior design services. The tailored approach ensured that visitors were genuinely interested in the offerings, leading to higher engagement rates.

Improved Conversions:

By optimizing ad copies and landing pages, the conversion rates for both segments of the business improved noticeably. More visitors were converted into customers, leading to increased sales and consultations for the interior design services.

Enhanced Brand Awareness:

The brand gained substantial visibility among the local audience in Lucknow, positioning itself as a go-to destination for both high-quality furniture and professional interior design services. This increased brand awareness translated into higher credibility and customer trust.

Positive ROI:

The campaign's success was reflected in a positive return on investment (ROI) for both the furniture store and interior design services. The revenue generated from the PPC campaigns exceeded the marketing costs, showcasing the effectiveness of the strategy implemented by RG Marketing Services.


RG Marketing Services’ tailored PPC campaign not only increased online sales for the furniture store but also successfully attracted clients seeking professional interior design services in Lucknow. The cohesive strategy, which included targeted keywords, creative ad copies, localized campaigns, and continuous optimization, resulted in increased website traffic, improved conversions, and enhanced brand awareness.

The collaboration demonstrated the power of a well-executed PPC campaign in driving tangible results for a business offering diverse services.

Power in Numbers

₹30K - ₹50K

Monthly Budget


Leads / Conversions

CPA < ₹300


₹10 Lakhs+

Revenue Generated

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