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Google Ads For Small Businesses

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

As an entrepreneur, and especially when you wanna scale your business online or want to sell online, it's important to keep having people visit your website, check your products or services and then enquire or buy from you.

Google ads just help you do that. There are millions of searches happening in Google right now. Whether you are selling pickles or you want people to know about your upcoming webinar and need more registrations, you can get it all.

Online Advertisement is a great way to pull traffic to your website and start getting the visibility that your business needs. Google ads is the best online search and display channel from which you can expect quality and high intent traffic that converts.

Okay, so we know about Google and how big Google Network is altogether. But how can you get more business from Google?

The answer to this is simple. You can get traffic from Google for free as well as in paid way. But getting free traffic from Google or any platform is not an easy job. It requires a lot of patience and time, Investments in tools and human resources, and let's not forget consistent efforts to rank your website or profile.

Solution To High Quality Traffic Generation For Small Businesses

if I talk about small businesses (SMEs), I generally see them struggling to get the quality traffic to their website or online store. They generally don't have much idea about generating traffic for their business online and that's why some lose hope and some finally quit and try something else.

But nothing is impossible. If you think people will love your product or service, there is some quality in your offer, then I am here to help you scale your business starting with Google ads as a platform.

Google Ads is the best paid way for small businesses to start getting good quality and high intent traffic that may be interested in buying your products or services online.

What does Google charge for ads?

Google Ads generally charges on click basis but you sure do have other options such as pay per 1000 impressions and cost per view for videos etc. It really depends on what goals you have and what type of ad strategy or ad types you are using to achieve those goals.

To be honest there's no one pricing for me to explain it to you. In Google ads and other programmatic ad platforms, they follow an auction environment to the price keeps varying. But price paid is not the issue when you start getting results that are much more valuable than what you must have paid.

Google Ads is a self serve ad platform where you (advertiser) add funds and decide your budget for the campaigns you want to create and run through the platform. So it can be as low as $10 or ₹100 a day for a campaign with limited targeting options. There is no higher limit as such but everyone has limited funds right!


Overall the point is to make google ads or any ad platform work for your business. The first step is to invest in google advertisements and start optimizing your ad campaigns for the best results and for the best price.

Book Your Free Google Ads PPC Consultation With Me to know more about campaign optimization and how I can help you run or scale your ad campaigns profitably on Google Ads.

Google ads fit all businesses sizes to promote their businesses on all the different google properties like:

  1. Google Search (SERP)

  2. Google Display Network (GDN) & Partner Websites which include millions of quality websites

  3. YouTube (2nd largest search engine after Google)

  4. There are more private options as well but those are for more advanced advertisers with generally high budgets.

Hope you find this blog useful. Thanks for reading. Drop your comments to let us know what do you feel about promoting your business through advertising on Google.

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