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How To Create a Digital Marketing Strategy in 2022?

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Creating a good digital marketing strategy for your business can be a hassle. It's very important to have a good online marketing strategy aligned with the business goals and to achieve whatever targets we have been provided with.

To create a good marketing strategy for your business, the first step is understanding the business itself. Whether we talk about the automobile industry or water sports industry or the medical and healthcare industry for that matter, all three will have different ways of doing or running their business. They might have different seasonality factors affecting the overall business.

Once you understand the business cycle and the business overall, then it's possible to create a good marketing strategy that can help your business get more sales and leads.

A good online marketing strategy should have different channels and mediums from which the business can acquire more customers and sales and even create a demand for itself. To give you some examples, you can acquire traffic from multiple sources and ad platforms like,

  1. SEO / Organic Traffic (Website, Landing Page)

  2. PPC / Paid Traffic (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft or Bing Ads, Instagram Ads, Amazon Ads, etc)

  3. Affiliate Marketing

  4. Influencer Marketing etc

The best and quickest way to start getting traffic to your business website is the paid way. You pay for online advertisement and reach the people that you think might buy from you at the time when they are looking for products or services that are similar to yours.

One of the best & high intent sources of traffic is Google Ads. Where you can reach the most high-quality traffic. But when I say high quality and high intent traffic, that does not happens by default. Google Ad exchange contains all kinds of different segments of traffic that may or may not be relevant to your business and you may end up paying intensively high prices for showing your ads to non-relevant traffic that you may be attracting.

Be in any paid traffic advertising platform, each one has its policies, placements, prices, and limitations differently set up and defined. If you are well aware of the traffic source that you are acquiring the traffic from, you can really find people who might buy from you in a very cost-efficient manner which will allow you to enjoy the maximum business profits and lower cost per acquisition.

If you are looking to invest in online advertisements, and start getting the relevant traffic that will give you more business, you will need to have your ads and campaigns set up and optimized very carefully and as precisely as possible. This will require a good amount of planning, strategy, and implementation of work.

Talk to me about your business goals and I will help you achieve them through PPC online advertisements in a very cost-efficient manner.

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