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How To Fix High CPCs In Ads?

It's very common to see rising CPC rates and when there's a season for your business, you may experience more competition and see high CPC rates in Google Ads or any other platform for that matter.

But there's a solution to everything, you may try one or more of these mentioned points to achieve more reasonable CPC rates:

- Remove more than 50% of Competiton by following all the necessary SEO policies.

- Have an optimized campaign structure setup, including tracking every conversion goals or actions.

- Make sure your ad copy or messaging is engaging and CTR is on the higher side.

- Make sure to provide the best possible user experience when a user lands on your landing page.

- Work on improving CVR (Conversion Rate) by optimizing your landing page.

- Play bing in terms of the number of relevant clicks, this would drastically lower your CPC rates

More Impression doesn't mean your reach is good! In fact, it may be the case that you are targeting wrong kind of people and they are just eating up your budget and not converting or giving you any profits.

If you didn't find the solution within these points, your business may need something else. There are not one but Thousands of reasons why your CPCs may be higher or your ads aren't converting leading to lower ROAS and higher CPAs.

Talk to me about your ad problems, book your online appointment with me here.

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