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Top 10 Google Ad Alternatives

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

We all know for sure that Google and Facebook dominate the paid advertising industry like from ever. They have very granular targeting options for advertisers and also have a premium list of publishers/inventory to suit the advertisers' promotional needs.

But as we know they are very big and famous platforms, they also attract big advertisers and in more numbers which also makes these platforms a bit more expensive.

More number of people bidding & competing for the same keyword or real state will cost more due to the auction environment of such programmatic platforms like Google Ads.

Search ads are only available on the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. But when we talk about display ads, there are a whole lot of websites on the internet that are available for advertisers to bid on and show ads on those published websites which can bring them more business.

You can either reach them directly if you can establish some business relationship with them but generally, advertisers prefer to go to one or the other ad networks to promote their products or services like Google Ads.

So clearly you have to keep your budgets in mind and should have a plan for acquiring the right traffic for your website and at the right price.

How much does it cost to run online advertisements?

One important question that many business owners and advertisers ask generally is, How much does it cost to advertise in google ads? You must be having a question like this yourself if you are new to Google ads or any such other ad platforms.

Well, as I mentioned earlier that Google Ads and all other programmatic advertisement platforms work in an auction environment where you have to bid a price against your competition to win an advertising slot where you can get relevant traffic that you are seeking to grow your sales and overall business.

Google Ad Alternatives

  1. Bing Ads - Cheaper search advertising | Affiliate marketing ads

  2. AdRoll - eCommerce campaigns | Advanced audience targeting

  3. Amazon Ads - Google shopping alternative | Physical Goods

  4. Outbrain - Content promotion | Native advertising

  5. LinkedIn Ads - B2B advertising | Events advertising

  6. Instagram Ads - Advertising lifestyle products | Viral & social advertising

  7. Facebook Ads - Finding new audiences | Advanced algorithmic targeting

  8. Reddit Ads - Super targeted traffic | Reaching millennials and generation-z

  9. Twitter Ads - Event targeting | Hashtag targeting

  10. Snapchat Ads - Mobile advertising | Targeting generation-z

How to choose the right traffic source for your business?

Well, Honestly it depends on the business type and the industry you are in and also the budget you have in your pocket. There are a lot of such factors that help you determine where and how much you can spend to get you more business.

If you need any assistance in choosing the right ad platform for your business or even managing and running your online ads, feel free to reach out to me.

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