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Target Country


2022 - 2023

Industry: Automotive / Car Repair Shop / Lead Generation

Platform: Google Ads (Ad Management)

- Qualified Lead Generation
- Generated 60+ Qualified Leads/Month
- Low Cost Per Acquisition
- Increased Brand Awareness
- Top Impression Share

In this project, I helped the company target and acquire users from Local Business locations for Car Repair and Servicing. Managed different campaigns types such as Local, Search, and Call-Only Campaigns.

Client's Business: A reputable car repair shop in Delhi, specializing in high-quality repair and maintenance services for various car models.

Objective: To generate high-quality leads for the client's car repair services in Delhi through a targeted PPC (Pay-Per-Click) digital marketing campaign.


RG Marketing Services was tasked with enhancing the online presence of a well-established car repair shop in Delhi. The client aimed to increase lead generation through their website, with a specific focus on attracting car owners in need of repair and maintenance services.


Keyword Research: Extensive research was conducted to identify high-intent keywords related to car repair services in Delhi. This included both generic terms and specific car models to capture a wide range of potential customers.

Ad Creation: RG Marketing Services crafted compelling and concise ad copies highlighting the client's expertise, competitive pricing, and quick turnaround time. The ads were tailored to resonate with the pain points of car owners, emphasizing the shop’s trustworthiness and reliability.

Landing Page Optimization: The landing page was optimized to ensure a seamless user experience. Clear calls-to-action, enticing offers, and relevant information about the services provided were strategically placed to encourage visitors to submit their inquiries.

Geo-Targeting: The campaign was geographically targeted to reach car owners specifically in Delhi and nearby areas, ensuring that the ads were shown to the most relevant audience.

Ad Extensions: Various ad extensions, such as site link and callout extensions, were utilized to provide additional information and encourage users to interact with the ad.

A/B Testing: Different ad variations and landing page elements were tested to identify the most effective combinations, ensuring optimal performance and maximizing the budget.


The PPC campaign was launched across popular platforms like Google Ads. Ad performance was continuously monitored, and necessary adjustments were made to enhance the campaign's effectiveness.


Increased Website Traffic: The PPC campaign significantly increased the website traffic, with a notable rise in the number of visitors from Delhi and nearby regions.

High-Quality Leads: The number of inquiries and lead submissions saw a substantial boost. These leads were highly relevant and had a genuine interest in the client's car repair services.

Improved Click-Through Rate (CTR): Through continuous optimization and A/B testing, the CTR of the ads improved, indicating that the ad copies and extensions were resonating well with the audience.

Cost-Effective Campaign: By carefully managing the budget and focusing on high-converting keywords, RG Marketing Services ensured that the campaign generated leads cost-effectively, maximizing the client's return on investment.


Through a strategic and data-driven PPC digital marketing campaign, RG Marketing Services successfully generated a significant number of high-quality leads for the client's car repair shop in Delhi. By targeting the right audience with compelling ad copies and optimized landing pages, the campaign not only increased the client's online visibility but also resulted in a substantial growth in their customer base.

This case study highlights the effectiveness of tailored PPC strategies in lead generation for local businesses, showcasing RG Marketing Services' expertise in driving tangible results for their clients.

Power in Numbers

₹25K - ₹30K

Monthly Budget

60+ Leads

Leads / Conversions

CPA < ₹500


₹1.5 Lakhs+

Revenue Generated

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