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Dental Practice

Target Country

United States

2021 - 2022

Industry: Medical & Health Care / Lead Generation

Platform: Google Ads, Meta Ads (Ad Management)

- 300+ Qualified Patients Monthly
- Low Cost Per Acquisition
- Increased Brand Awareness
- 100s Of Positive Reviews

In this project, I helped the company target and acquire users from various countries like the US, Canada, UK, Australia, etc for the Medical Tourism Services. Managed campaigns for different procedures like Dental Treatment, Orthopedic Treatment, Weight loss Treatment, and more.

Client Background:

Our client, Mexico's Premier Dental Clinic, located in a popular medical tourism destination, aimed to capitalize on the growing trend of Americans seeking dental treatments in Mexico due to cost-effectiveness and high-quality healthcare. The clinic, renowned for its expertise and state-of-the-art facilities, partnered with RG Marketing Services to create a tailored PPC (Pay-Per-Click) digital marketing campaign aimed at attracting American patients seeking dental treatments across the border.


The primary goal was to leverage digital marketing to establish the clinic as the go-to destination for dental tourists from the USA. The PPC campaign's objectives included enhancing online visibility, building trust in international patients, increasing website traffic, and ultimately driving conversions from potential dental tourists.

Strategy Implemented by RG Marketing Services:

Comprehensive Market Research:

RG Marketing Services conducted thorough research to understand the needs, preferences, and concerns of American dental tourists. This research helped in crafting targeted messaging and designing campaigns that specifically addressed the unique requirements of this demographic.

Localized Keyword Optimization:

Extensive keyword research was performed to identify search terms commonly used by American patients looking for dental treatments in Mexico. These keywords were strategically incorporated into the PPC ad copies to ensure relevance and maximize visibility among the target audience.

Compelling Ad Copies with USPs:

Engaging ad copies were crafted, emphasizing the clinic’s competitive advantages such as cost-effective high-quality treatments, experienced bilingual staff, and state-of-the-art facilities. The messaging aimed to build trust, highlighting testimonials from previous international patients and showcasing the clinic's accreditations and certifications.

Geo-Targeted Campaigns in the USA:

Geo-targeted PPC campaigns were launched exclusively in key American cities and states known for a higher percentage of dental tourists traveling to Mexico. This focused approach ensured that the ads reached potential patients actively considering dental treatments abroad.

Landing Page Optimization:

Customized landing pages were created, optimized for mobile devices and designed to instill confidence in potential patients. The pages included detailed information about the clinic's services, testimonials, pricing transparency, and easy-to-fill contact forms. Clear calls-to-action were strategically placed to encourage inquiries and appointments.

Multichannel Approach:

The PPC campaign was integrated with other digital marketing channels, including social media and email marketing, to create a cohesive online presence. Consistent branding and messaging were maintained across all platforms, reinforcing the clinic's credibility and expertise.

Regular Performance Analysis and Optimization:

RG Marketing Services continuously monitored the campaign’s performance metrics, including click-through rates, conversion rates, and cost per conversion. A/B testing was implemented to refine ad copies and landing pages, ensuring maximum efficiency and return on investment.

Results Achieved:

Significant Increase in Website Traffic: The geo-targeted PPC campaigns led to a substantial surge in website traffic, with a significant portion of the visitors being potential patients from the USA actively seeking dental treatments in Mexico.

Improved Conversion Rates: The optimized landing pages and compelling ad copies resulted in higher conversion rates, with a notable increase in inquiries and appointment bookings from American dental tourists.

Enhanced Online Visibility: The clinic's visibility among the target audience in the USA soared, with the PPC campaigns ensuring prominent placement in search engine results. This increased visibility established the clinic as a trustworthy choice for international patients.

Cost-Effective Patient Acquisition: Through continuous optimization and strategic targeting, RG Marketing Services managed to lower the cost per acquisition, ensuring a cost-effective approach to attracting dental tourists and maximizing the client's ROI.

Positive Patient Experiences: The influx of American patients led to positive feedback, creating a snowball effect of referrals and testimonials, further enhancing the clinic's reputation in the dental tourism market.


RG Marketing Services played a pivotal role in positioning Mexico's Premier Dental Clinic as a leader in dental tourism from the USA. The strategic PPC digital marketing campaign not only attracted a significant number of American patients but also established trust, credibility, and lasting patient relationships.

By tailoring the campaign to the specific needs of international dental tourists and employing data-driven optimization techniques, the PPC campaign proved highly effective in driving patient acquisition while ensuring a strong return on investment. This success story serves as a testament to the power of targeted and localized PPC digital marketing in the context of medical tourism, showcasing RG Marketing Services' expertise in catering to niche markets and achieving remarkable results for their clients.

Power in Numbers

$10K - $15K

Monthly Budget

50+ Leads

Leads / Conversions

CPA < $200



Revenue Generated

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