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Target Country

USA | CA | UK | AU | DE

2021 - 2023

Industry: E-Commerce / D2C / Lead Generation

Platform: Google Ads, Bing Ads, Meta Ads, Amazon Ads, TV Ads (Ad Management)

- ROAS focused campaigns
- 5-10X ROAS Achieved
- Outranked Competition
- Increased Brand Awareness
- Multpile Ad Types

In this project, I helped the company target and acquire users from various countries like the US, Canada, UK, Germany, etc for Water Sports Products. Managed different campaign types such as Performance Max, Shopping, Display, Search & Video (YouTube).

Worked for a leading manufacturer of premium paddle boards with the aim of expanding their online presence, increasing website traffic, and driving sales. In collaboration with the brand, we developed a comprehensive Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising strategy to achieve these goals. This case study outlines the strategies implemented and the remarkable results achieved during the campaign.

Campaign Objectives:

Increase Website Traffic: Drive targeted traffic to the business website to enhance brand visibility.

Boost Sales: Generate leads and increase sales through online channels.

Improve ROI: Maximize the return on investment from PPC campaigns.

Enhance Brand Awareness: Increase brand recognition within the competitive paddle board market.

Strategies Implemented:

Comprehensive Keyword Research:

Conducted extensive research to identify high-converting keywords related to paddle boards, water sports, and related accessories.

Strategic Ad Copywriting:

Developed compelling ad copies highlighting the brand's unique selling points, such as product quality, durability, and customer satisfaction.

Landing Page Optimization:

Created dedicated landing pages optimized for conversion, ensuring a seamless user experience and clear Call-to-Action (CTA) elements.

Ad Extensions and Site Links:

Implemented ad extensions and site links to provide users with additional information and options, increasing the chances of engagement.

Geo-Targeting and Device Optimization:

Utilized geo-targeting to focus on specific regions with high-potential customers and optimized campaigns for various devices to capture mobile and desktop users effectively.

Regular Performance Monitoring:

Monitored the campaigns daily, adjusting bidding strategies, ad copies, and targeting parameters based on real-time performance data.

A/B Testing:

Conducted A/B tests on ad copies, landing pages, and CTAs to determine the most effective elements for driving conversions.


Improved Targeting: With detailed market & competitive research, campaign strategy & structure formulation, we set the most relevant targeting for different campaigns as per their objectives to attain maximum performance.

Sales Growth: Generated over $20+ Million in online sales, directly attributed to the PPC campaigns. The conversion rate saw a notable uptick of 35%.

Improved ROI: The ROI from PPC advertising improved by 50% due to strategic bidding, ad optimizations, and higher conversion rates.

Brand Awareness: Brand awareness soared, with a 70% increase in brand searches and mentions on social media platforms.

Positive Customer Feedback: The campaign generated positive feedback from customers, praising the brand's online presence and ease of purchase.


Through a targeted and data-driven PPC strategy, this D2C business successfully achieved its objectives of increased website traffic, higher sales, improved ROI, and enhanced brand awareness. The collaborative effort between the brand team and our digital marketing team not only elevated their online presence but also solidified their position as a leader in the paddle board industry.

By continuously analyzing data and adapting strategies, the PPC campaign not only met but exceeded the set goals. This case study demonstrates the power of strategic digital marketing and how it can transform a brand's online visibility, engagement, and revenue.

Power in Numbers

$200K - $2M

Monthly Budget


Leads / Conversions

ROAS = 5X - 10X


$20 Million+

Revenue Generated

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